Inspiring Change, One Life At A Time!

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Inspiring Change, One Life At A Time!

Two Children SmilingKids Inspiring Kids is building a village for the people of war-torn northern Uganda living in the slums of the Banda Acholi Quarters. The village will be self-sufficient and equipped with its own agriculture, water supplies, dairy, textiles, and with chickens and cattle.

With the end of the war, millions of internally displaced persons to IDP camps have fled, have no place where they can go and have no ability to provide for themselves and or their families to feed.

First, specific skills are being taught, then these people will be relocated to the Place of Refuge Village Project. Orphans from the slums in the Banda Acholi Quarters will be integrated into families in the village where they can grow up in a loving and safe environment. This gives them a chance for their future.