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34 million people live in Uganda and nearly 60% of Uganda’s population is under 15 years old.

Education in Uganda is not free. Uganda’s education system has 7.5 million children in Primary School. There are only 13,407 schools and 141,461 teachers within the system. That equates to one (1) teacher for every 52 children. By the time a child reaches Secondary School there are only 960,000 attendees. Over 6 million children have dropped out of the education system entirely. The reason for this dramatic decrease is because the cost of Secondary School is double that of Primary School.

child- boy Please choose an option below to sponsor either a Primary or Secondary student. Then you may also tell us about your sponsorship preferences by filling out the “Sponsor a child” questionnaire and then returning it to us at

As a thank you for your dedication to this program, after you enroll, we will send you an electronic or printed photo of the child you are sponsoring depending on your preference.

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