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Place of Refuge- A Place To Call Home

Kids Inspiring Kids is building a new sustainable village for 3000 Acholi people that currently reside in the Banda Acholi Quarters. These incredible people have endured so much in their lifetimes, and yet again face adversity as the city of Kampala plans to reclaim their land and demolish their living quarters in the next 1-2 years. This will displace thousands of Acholi families, inevitably resulting in many deaths.

In the villiage

The village will be located about 45 miles west of Kampala, near Lake Wamala, and will be spread over 450+ acres. This fertile land has access to adequate groundwater and will allow for livestock and crops to provide a sustainable food supply. Each of the 300+ families resettled to this village will have a four-room dwelling. The dwellings will be arranged in groups of three with each sharing a communal cooking, laundry, shower, and toilet facility. The village will consist of the housing units, a non-denominational church, a school system (consisting of primary, secondary, and vocational schools), a community center, a health center, and a marketplace. The village will be enclosed via fencing for enhanced safety. The goal is to build the community using products that are sustainable for many generations, in essence multiplying the impact that our project will have on these people’s lives.

village view

We have purchased the initial 100+ acres to begin the project and will finalize the purchase of 450+ acres within the year. We have worked with knowledgeable and reputable architects to begin the design phase of the village. To make this dream a reality, the estimated cost of the project is $3 million (USD). We plan to raise all of this money through charitable donations given as one-time gifts or recurring payments.

Kids Inspiring Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and a registered international non-governmental organization (NGO). Therefore, your donations for this project are fully tax-deductible.

Our goal is to raise all of the money and complete this project debt free. The scope of the building project and timeline will depend on the success of the fundraising.

Please consider contributing to our village project. Your contribution will finally provide these resilient people with A Place of Refuge – a place to call home and will save many lives. We would also encourage you to keep our mission in your prayers.

If an individual donor is interested, we will connect them with an Acholi family to allow for correspondence along the journey to help enrich the experience of everyone impacted.

How to Donate
1. You can use our link on this page to donate through PayPal with your choice of funding. This can be as a one-time donation or a recurring payment. Please be aware that this method does result in a 3% surcharge to our organization.
2. You can mail a check directly to “Kids Inspiring Kids” at 3601 Fowler Drive, Austin, Texas 78738. Please specify “Village Project” in a note or on the check so that we can appropriately direct your funds.
3. You can provide a check to one of our volunteer fundraisers to be deposited directly into the Kids Inspiring Kids account.

For More Information
If you are interested in having a volunteer from Kids Inspiring Kids provide you more information, please use the email address provided on this page to contact us. We would gladly make arrangements to meet with you in person, via skype, or on the phone to discuss the project in more detail. The fundraising team is available to give presentations to individuals or groups interested in learning more about our efforts and opportunities for philanthropy.

If interested, we can send you a beautiful hardcover copy of this book for a freewill donation (each book is of high quality and costs approximately $50 to print). Significant donors to this project will receive a copy of the book as a gift for your contribution. Please note that the content of the book is the property of Kids Inspiring Kids and is copyright protected. It may not be used or reproduced without permission from our organization.

Download the electronic book here:

pdf dowload of the book

A Place To Call Home The Acholi Place of Refuge Village Project


Copyright © 2015 by Kids Inspiring Kids All of the information contained in this book is copyright of Kids Inspiring Kids and may not be used or reproduced without permission

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Cost Estimates (in US dollars) Amount
Land purchase of 300 acres @ $1000/acre $300,000
Schools (up to 6 separate buildings) @ $40,000 each $240,000
Health Center $20,000
Community Center $30,000
Church (non-denominational) $30,000
Housing units (200 dwellings) @ $10,000 each $2,000,000
Miscellaneous additional costs (water treatment facility, fencing, market shops, etc.) $380,000
Total Estimated Cost of Project Completed Land Purchase
$3,000,000 By 2018
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